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  • My pictures with their little stories

    Save Dhangkar is an initiative of concerned citizens which includes architects, photographers, geologists and others who through their collective efforts have done remarkable work in ensuring that this 1000+ year old monastery in Spiti does not wither away due to toll of the natural forces and human intervention.

  • Indian Art, Craft and Photography

    Welcome to the world of Indian art, craft and photography. I have had the privilege of interacting and working with several well known artists apart from so many talented and energetic minds who may not be so well known. India is blessed with diversity of every kind.

  • Travel is Oxygen

    I love to travel and explore. Preferred modes are walking, cycling and trains. Keen to understand the history and culture of the place I am visiting, enjoy local food and connect with people who have their roots there.

  • My World

    There is this small patch of wooded area on the walk towards the back gate of Pune university from the Range Hills road. The play of light through the trees and the shadows on the ground there in the morning hour is quite a visual.