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Indian Art, Craft and Photography
Music Makers by Milon Mukherjee


Music Makers by Milon Mukherjee

My first few interactions with Milon Mukherjee were spirited ones and lasted several hours. This would have been in 2002. I enjoyed the discussions, the ideas that we exchanged and the general chaos around the places that we chose as the venue. I hosted a solo show of Milon's paintings in 2003 at Indiaart Gallery, Pune. Milon came over to Pune a month ahead of the show and created several paintings especially for this show. The show was a success in all respects. Milon had covered several themes in this show which included children who did not enjoy a privileged childhood, Ganesha, Krishna, music and musicians.

Right from this show till date, several of Indiaart’ s clients have acquired Milon's paintings and keep telling me about how happy they have been possessing the painting they picked up. In fact not a single client has come back to enquire about the possibility of a resale. I consider this as an achievement far bigger than the so called auction price that an artist would command or the alleged investment potential of an artist's works.

Of all the themes that Milon has worked on, I was attracted the most to the series on music and musicians. Milon calls this series "Music Makers". Somehow most of Indiaart’s clients also seem to feel similarly. When I was chatting with Milon recently, I discovered something which explains this. See the interview with Milon to figure out for yourself.

So, I am back with Music Makers by Milon Mukhopadhyay (Mukherjee). I have decided to present the entire collection of paintings and sketches from this series - some new, several old without being bothered about whether the painting is available for sale or not. Whenever Milon creates anything new in this series, it will get added here. You can pick up anything that is marked as available or you could always send me a request for a commissioned work by Milon.