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Travel is Oxygen

I love to travel and explore. Preferred modes are walking, cycling and trains. Keen to understand the history and culture of the place I am visiting, enjoy local food and connect with people who have their roots there. Very keen to know more about local trade and economy, artisans and their craft apart from their social customs and political undercurrents. Local cafes and "chai" shops are an important part of my "Must visit" list.

  • Aoshima, Miyazaki
    Aoshima, Miyazaki
  • Kalady
  • Passing Trains at Bhimbetka
    Passing Trains at Bhimbetka
  • Mallakhmab practice at Ujjain
    Mallakhmab practice at Ujjain
  • The world passes by - as seen from Darjeeling Himalayan Railway
  • White Iris, painting by Georgia O'Keeffe at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, VA
  • Nathula Pass
  • Glenary's, Darjeeling
  • Darjeeling Himalayan Railway
  • Rail Bandhu
  • Long distance rail journey after a long time
  • Charming Guhagar
  • Women entrepreneurs of Chitkul, Himachal
  • Pompeii
  • Badri Narayan Temple at Batseri, Himachal
  • The pretty little church at Kotgarh
  • Sojha, Himachal Pradesh
  • Lonar where a meteor hit the earth 50,000 years ago
  • Chance Meeting with Porof. Zihni Sinir in Istanbul
  • Jaisalmer Fort and the Golden City
  • Fascinating market at Jaisalmer
  • Havelis of Jaisalmer
    Havelis of Jaisalmer
  • Camel Ride at Desert National Park, Jaisalmer
  • At Ephesus, Turkey
  • Kaniyakumari
  • Buddh Poornima at Kaza, Spiti
    Buddh Poornima at Kaza, Spiti
  • Andaman Islands
    Andaman Islands
  • Kedarnath
  • My tryst with Banaras
    My tryst with Banaras
  • Langza and Gomic in Spiti
    Langza and Gomic in Spiti
  • Kanha National Park
    Kanha National Park
  • Georgia O'Keeffe
    Georgia O'Keeffe
  • Camp Shama, Kumaon, Uttarakhand
    Camp Shama, Kumaon, Uttarakhand
  • Dhangkar Monastery, Spiti
    Dhangkar Monastery, Spiti
  • Camp Purple, Mukteshwar, Kumaon
    Camp Purple, Mukteshwar, Kumaon
  • Gruene, Texas
    Gruene, Texas
  • Pondicherry
  • Long Overdue Visit to Amritsar
    Long Overdue Visit to Amritsar
  • New York
    New York
  • Nilgiri Mountain Railway
    Nilgiri Mountain Railway