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Russian Dance Performances at Pune


Russian Dance Performances at Pune

Since 2011, Art India Foundation has been organising performances of Russian dances at Pune. This yearly event in which Russian boys and girls perform energetic and colourful dances has now become an important milestone in the cultural calendar of Pune city. We have now set a tradition of no speeches, blessings and felicitations of guests...Go straight to the performances.

On Thursday 16th October 2014, Art India Foundation presented dance performances by the group from city of Samara, Russia. This was the fourth edition of the Russian dances which depicted folk traditions, music and colourful costumes from different parts of Russia. The performances like the previous years were colourful, exuded energy and were lustily cheered by an enthusiastic audience.

This performance was made possible due to cooperation from Russian Consulate, Russian Science & Culture Centre, Dostoyanie and Span Overseas Ltd. More pictures and video clips of this as well as previous performances can be seen on