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Cycling Treasure Hunt on 15th December 2013 organised by PYC Hindu Gymkhana, MG Sports & Fitness, supported by B U Bhandari / Volkswagen


PYC Hindu Gymkhana

Me and Aalok after the ride

PYC Hindu Gymkhana

Sanatkumar and Aalok

I was looking forward to this event as this would mark the end of my break from cycling for several months.Our team of three had two youngsters - Aalok and Sanatkumar Joglekar who were very fit. So this was a real challenge for me.

We were in 40 kms category. The ride time was good - start at 6 am. This would ensure that we would get to ride on empty roads for about one and half hours. All of us enjoyed the early morning ride but the quality of clues for the treasure hunt was awful which resulted into wasted time and efforts for most teams.

Overall it was fun and I am back to cycling after a long break.