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At Ephesus, Turkey


At Ephesus, Turkey

Ancient civilisations and the excavated sites have always fascinated me. When we were finalising plans for our trip to Istanbul, I decided that we must travel to Ephesus. We took a bus ride to Ephesus as a road trip always gives an opportunity to see the countryside and towns pass by. It also allows you to observe people from all strata of society and is not a sanitised way of travelling unlike air travel.

Ephesus attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. Ephesus was a flourishing city 2500 years ago with an active port which attracted trade linkages with other parts of the world. The ruins are spread out over a large area and are in fairly good condition. Unlike many other excavation sites, this site gives you a good idea about the life in this city 2500 years ago. It is remarkable that a country like Turkey has developed and managed its tourism infrastructure quite well and attracts millions of global tourists. Tourism is a significant revenue earner for Turkish economy.

Eventually all flourishing civilisations die. Ephesus was no exception. Looking at the the site makes you realise that no amount of wealth and power is permanent. Everything is transient and that time is the greatest leveller of all.