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Chance Meeting with Porof. Zihni Sinir in Istanbul


Chance Meeting with Porof. Zihni Sinir in Istanbul

While we were having a great time in Istanbul visiting all the historic sites and the grand bazar, riding up and down on the trams and enjoying endless glasses of apple tea and kebabs; never imagined that we are going to meet up and spend some quality time with a great mind like Porof. Zihni Sinir. This happened absolutely by chance. We were walking on a street in Istanbul and I found the window display of one particular shop very interesting. I thought it to be a store selling scientific toys. So we went in and were just amazed to see the creations. Our genuine interest in everything out there led us to Porof. Zihni Sinir himself who was very warm and receptive. Picked up few books of his which he was happy to sign for Aalok.

Porof. Zihni Sinir is the leading illustrator in Turkey, has several books published but that is not all. He has a basement workshop at his studio where he actually creates various mechanisms and experiments that he illustrates in his books and cartoons.

Here are some pictures of us with Porof. Zihni Sinir at his studio in Istanbul. This was in 2006.