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Charming Guhagar


Charming Guhagar

We have been visiting Guhagar for several years as our kuldaivat ( family deity ) Vyadeshwar is at Guhagar. I remember our first trip when I was still in school. We really liked this small town which had one long street and had houses with wadis of coconut trees leading upto the sea on one side.

The Vyadeshwar temple which is essentially a Shiva temple is an old temple and is maintained reasonably well. Same is the case with the Durga Devi temple down the road. This temple underwent a major renovation recently and now houses a Bhakt niwas.

We dropped in at a restaurant which was run by Parchure family. It was homely and the food was just right. The curd was simply awesome. Our early visits were with my parents and sister Madhuri. Later when Prachee joined us on after we got married, she also adored Guhagar. Later it was Aalok as a child who fell in love with the curd made at Parchure home and that became his primary reason to visit Guhagar. We got to know Parchure family well and a bond of affection has developed between us which would last.

Initially we used to stay at a hotel in Guhagar but after Parchure family constructed nice little cottages in their wadi (coconut trees between their home and the seafront), it had to be this place for all our subsequent visits.

My mother used to feel particularly at home at Guhagar. Durgadevi Tempe and Vyadeshwar temple were her favourite places to spend time at. She wanted to stay at the Bhakt Niwas of Durgadevi temple but somehow that did not happen till she went away from this world in May 2006. We generally visit Guhagar once a year. I remember my mother each time we go to both the temples at Guhagar.

The curd at Parchure home still attracts Aalok. This curd is his benchmark for any curd served either at home or any other restaurant anywhere else. In fact when we finished our cycle ride from Diveagar to Guhagar, he ran to Parchure's place who were pleasantly surprised to find him appear in cycling gear out of nowhere for a bowl of curd.