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Langza and Gomic in Spiti


Langza and Gomic in Spiti

The tiny hamlets of Langza and Gomic in Spiti (Himachal Pradesh, India) symbolize the human spirit. Staying put in the vastness of the rugged mountains of Spiti, these villages show what human endeavour is all about.

We happened to visit when the snow had just started melting and were probably one of the first vehicles to visit when the snow cover starts melting. Life is tough here. Everything gets shut for several months when there is heavy snow here at this height. Many go down to lesser heights to find some odd jobs. They all come back when the snow starts to melt.

Was amazed to see a school at a height of 4500 metres. Was overwhelmed to learn that election officials do visit these remote settlements to conduct the election process. Hats off to the Election Commission of India.