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Lonar where a meteor hit the earth 50,000 years ago


Lonar where a meteor hit the earth 50,000 years ago

This was one place which had created a mysterious attraction the very first time I heard about it. A meteor comes from outer space about 50,000 years ago and hits the earth at Lonar. The impact creates a crater and a lake gets formed. Cannot be more romantic!

We visited Lonar while we were driving from Pune to Telhara (near Shegaon). Telhara happens to be the village (may be a small little town now) where my mother was born and grew up.

The crater at Lonar is fascinating. You cannot but help think of all the mysteries of outer space and universe while at Lonar. The water in the large lake formed in the crater is rich in minerals and does not support life. As we were to spend only few hours there, could not get down to the lake below in the crater and do a parikrama. There are several ancient temples here at Lonar. Visited two of them. Maharashtra Tourism (MTDC) has built a nice property here where we had tea and refreshments.