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Travel is Oxygen



May 2013 was the second visit to Pondicherry, the first one being in 2002. The first visit had left such a lasting and positive impression that subsequent visits were certain to happen. While we stayed at Park Guest House run by Aurobindo ashram during the first visit, this time it was to be a heritage property.

Le Dupleix turned out to be a nice and cosy heritage property which has been done up tastefully. Since it was not the high season, we managed to get a good deal and wonderful attention from the hotel staff.

Best way to explore Pondy is to rent out bicycles. Three of us had three brightly coloured bicycles to go around town. Ashram and the area around it keeps drawing you again and again. A visit to Auroshikha to buy a bagful of agarbattis and dhoop was one of the top priorities. Like last time, sitting near the samadhi at the ashram was an experience which I wanted to live everyday while being there.

This time we made several trips to Auroville. Meditation inside Matru Mandir was exceptional. Realised how deep and powerful the colour white can be. It is a marvel in every sense. Needs to be experienced. I am sure to experience this again.

Connected with several artists from Auroville and Pondicherry. The ambience and food at the open air cafe at Auroville kept drawing us back to the place every alternate day. Handmade paper at Auroville was really good. Was disappointed to find the handmade paper factory run by the ashram to be in not such a good shape. Hope it gets a makeover soon.