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The world passes by - as seen from Darjeeling Himalayan Railway


The world passes by - as seen from Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

When we managed to reach Darjeeling station just in time after a harrowing time in Darjeeling traffic to board the train to New Jalpaiguri, my thoughts were focused on the train and the views of the mountain ranges and valleys that we would pass by during the journey.

However, as the train journey on the narrow gauge track began and the sight of people on the streets at close quarters started to run by, I realised that it is the people and their lives around the DHR (Darjeeling Himalayan Railway) that I would like to focus on.

From that moment onwards, I captured images of all kinds of people living and working in the hills of Darjeeling and other places in this region. DHR is such an integral part of the life of people here. It is so interesting to see how people react to the train passing by, mostly whistling almost all the time. There is a unique bond between the people here and DHR. Apart from the economic reasons, the train passes so close to the homes and shops of so many people that it is almost like family. Some ignore and carry on with their chores as the train passes by. For them it is not even necessary to take out a moment and look up. However, for many, the passing of the train is an occasion to take a small break and look at it with appreciation.

A window seat at the train was a good opportunity to see the lives of all kinds of people at close quarters and pick up an image from their day. I captured children going to school, shopkeepers, students, road construction workers, contractors, policemen, ladies doing their household chores, people in a hurry as well as people who seemed to have all the time in the world and the list goes on.. A huge insight into this community of hill folks.